Tokyo’s Bunkyo Azalea Flower Festival

The Bunkyo Azalea Flower Festival, (also known as Tsutsuji Matsuri), features over 3000 flowers with over 100 different types of azalea. The festival runs from early April through to May every year. Among the 100 different types of azalea, are some rare species such as the Fuji-tsutsuji, Karafune, and Hanaguruma.  The festival takes place at Nezu […]

The Best Things To Do in Asakusa Tokyo

Sensoji Temple, Tokyo -

Asakusa (Pronounced A-sak-sa), is an area of Tokyo full of history and is home of Tokyo’s oldest temple; Sensoji. While most of Tokyo suffered a lot of damage during World War 2, a lot of buildings in Asakusa managed to survive, and some of those damaged were restored after the war. Making it is one […]

How to find the best travel photography spots

Foss a Sidu waterfall, Iceland

Locating the perfect photo-spots while traveling is time-consuming. No one wants to waste their precious time when travelling sat in front of a computer browsing the net, trying to find the perfect spots. It is best to do your research ahead of time, making a plan of where and when you want to visit each […]

Secrets to Finding Cheap Flights


I am asked a lot how I can afford to travel, and when I explain how cheap flights can be most of the time I get asked how and where I find them. Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive but the flight can be the most expensive part of your vacation. Using the correct tools, […]

6 Tips for Photographing Iceland’s Awe-inspiring Landscape

Glacier Lagoon, Iceland

Over the last few years, Iceland has become one of the top travel destinations. With its rugged, yet beautiful scenery and the northern lights it has become the favorite of many landscape photographer and traveler. Iceland’s harsh weather can make photography a challenge, and tests even the most patient of photographers. In this guide, I […]