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I get asked a lot, what I take when I travel. This guide include’s a list of things, I pack whenever I travel, and a range of bags I used based on the airline, my destination and amount of camera gear I’m taking. I use everything on this list, and can happily recommend everything included.

Some of the things on this list, will probably not be applicable to you. As each person’s needs and travel style varies, we all have different preferences for things like suitcases vs backpacks. Plus depending on the location you may not need some of this stuff.

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My Travel Gear

I have a range of bags that I take with me, depending on my needs. The bag I take depends on the airline’s restrictions, and how much camera gear I’ll be taking with me. I always try to travel hand luggage only, but if I am taking a lot of camera gear I do end up having to check in a bag. As I already use a backpack for my camera gear, I put my clothes and laptop in a rolling case when going hand luggage only.

I prefer using hard cases, but you might find that soft cases are more to your liking. I also love cases with 4 wheels, as I find them easier to roll along.

I love taking some folding duffel bags with me, that fold down quite small. They give me extra space if I end up buying too much, and save me having to hunt for another bag while travelling. They’ve been really useful for trips to Tokyo, and Taipei as I love bringing back tons of snacks like Konyakku jelly. I normally end up with one duffel bag stuffed with snacks for my return. It also acts as a backup, in case my rolling case breaks.

I always take a filter water bottle with me, that I use at home as well as when travelling. This allows me to save money as I don’t need to buy drinks and helps the environment. Plus, as I have mast cell activation syndrome & can react to water, the filter removes most of the things that I might react to – making water safe for me drink.

Suitcase for checked luggage

Cabin bag for use with most airlines

Hand luggage rolling case if flying Ryanair and Southwest

Folding duffel bag, for extra luggage.

Wire Organiser

Compression bags

Compression Socks

Filter water bottle

Quick drying Micro fibre towel

Toiletry and cosmetic bag

Organic Solid Shampoo Bars

Laundry detergent bar

My Travel Electronics

I always have a set of electronics I take with me whenever I travel. What you want to take will probably vary a lot, especially if you prefer doing a disconnected holiday or go off grid. I love being able to edit photo while travelling, so my laptop is a must and as I play a lot of video games during my downtime, I always take a gaming laptop with me. If you’re not interested in gaming, you will probably want something lighter such as the Macbook Air or a Surface Laptop.

My gaming laptop for editing photos + playing video games

Dual Sim unlocked phone

World Travel Adapter extension lead

Portable Hard Drive

Anker Battery Bank

USB C charging cables

Noise-cancelling Earphones

Earphone to USB C adapter

Fitbit Charge

My Travel Photography gear

What photography gear I take with me, depends on where I’m going, and the type of photography I’m doing. So this list will focus mostly on what gear I always take with me, on every trip. For my full gear list, check out my travel photography gear here.

This list includes the two different tripods that I own. I vary which one I take with me depending on the tripod. For cities, I normally take the travel one, and for wildlife + landscape I take the larger heavier Manfrotto one.

Also included is my two favorite bags, the backpack that I use when taking a lot of gear, and the shoulder bag for lighter trips with 2-3 lenses.

My Main DSLR – a Nikon D7200

My backup DSLR – a Nikon D7000

My faveorite walk around travel lens, a Tamron 24-70mm F/2.8.

An awesome ultra-wide lens. The Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8.

Folding tripod that fits in hand luggage for lighter trips

Larger tripod, for use with heavier equipment.

10 Stop ND filter, for creating long exposures

Circular polarising filters.

Graduated ND filters

A lens pen, to keep my camera lenses nice n clean.

Sensor cleaning stick, super easy to use to remove dust off my sensor. Make sure you buy the one for your camera brand.

Spare camera batteries + a USB battery charger

Backpack for travelling with more gear

Shoulder bag for travelling lighter

Shoulder strap

Travel Gear for my Medical Supplies

For those of us travelling with health issues, making sure our medication and any other medical supplies are well organised is important. I travel with about 15 different medications, and like to keep them together in a bag that I can have by me at all times while I’m flying. I also like taking a first aid kit with me, as there’s been times when I’ve been alone, in the middle of nowhere, where I’ve got hurt and needed to administer first aid.

I also wear a medical alert bracelet that covers my main conditions and allergies, and my ICE information on them include’s the international dialing code to ensure that anyone can ring it without issues.

I also take a face mask, that I wear on the plane to protect myself from germs. It’s also good for places with higher levels of pollution such as Hong Kong. Plus if you have hay fever, allergy asthma or allergies to airborne things like fragrances these can help protect you from it. I love my Airinum face mask as it has replaceable filters (so cheaper in the long run), adjustable ear straps, and two valves to make it easier to breath.

I also take some hand sanitizer and Avon’s skin so soft which repels insects.

Medication bag

Travel first aid kit

Custom printed medical wrist band

Airinum Face Mask

Insect repellent + sunscreen

Travel-sized antibacterial hand sanitizer


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