About me

Hello! I’m Alison, a passionate traveller and photographer from the United Kingdom. I started Alison Fay to help share travel guides, as well as help other disabled and/or chronically ill people travel.

Why Alison Fay? My journey into the world of travel blogging came from my desire to help fellow travellers, especially those who, like me, navigate the challenges of disabilities and chronic illnesses. Here, I share not just destination guides and photography tips, but also my personal experiences and insights as someone with a disability that causes limited mobility and a rare illness – Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) + other chronic illnesses. This condition makes me allergic to a myriad of things, turning each trip into a unique adventure in managing my health. Curious about MCAS? You can learn more here Mast Cell Action.

I have a love photography, especially citys, nature and wildlife. From the mesmerizing puffins on Lunga in Scotland to the bustling cityscapes and vibrant local cultures, I aim to capture the essence of each destination. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or simply love to appreciate the beauty of the world, my travel photography guides are here to inspire and guide you.

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What you will find on Alison Fay

  • Destination deep dives: Practical information on different travel destinations across the world
  • Stay Reviews: Reviews of hotels, hostels, and other accomodation.
  • Travel Toolkit: Travel tips, planning guides, and other resources to help you travel
  • Accessible Adventures: Advice for travelling with disabilities or illnesses.
  • Photography 101: Photography guides to help you improve your photography
  • and loads more information to help you travel

Get in touch

Interested in working with me? I’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re in PR, a brand or another blogger – I’m always happy to hear about new opportunities. You can contact me here.