Why You Should Buy a Fjallraven Backpack For Traveling + Hiking

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Whilst wondering which backpack you should pick up for traveling or hiking you might stumble upon the Fjallraven brand. This is a high quality, Swedish outdoor gear brand – and I love uing their backpacks.

You’ve likely seen photos of their iconic Kanken, in their bright colours and probably wondered why they’re expensive. If you’re traveling or hiking a lot, you’ll appreciate the importance of having gear that won’t let you down, and Fjallraven’s reputation for durability stands as a testament to their commitment to quality.

Their backpacks are designed with the comfort in mind, featuring ergonomic straps and breathable materials that ease the strain on your shoulders and back.

I have multiple Fjallraven backpacks in different sizes, as well as one with a laptop compartment for traveling. I also own their camera bag insert which allows me to carry my smaller cameras such as the Nikon D7200 (but not my Nikon Z9 – its too big for the insert).

The question remains: what else do these backpacks offer that make them so worthwhile buying? Is the price of a Fjallraven Kanken really worth it?


Why should you consider the robustness of a Fjallraven backpack when planning your hiking adventures? The durability of your gear is paramount; it’s about freedom—the freedom to explore without the worry of your backpack giving out when you’re miles from civilization. The Fjallraven Classic Kanken backpack, for instance, is renowned for its resilience. Constructed with Vinylon F fabric, it repels moisture better than most materials and withstands the wear and tear of the trail.

When you’re scaling peaks or navigating rough terrains, the last thing you want is for your pack to rip or its zippers to fail. Fjallraven backpacks are meticulously designed with such challenges in mind. The best Fjallraven backpack for your hiking needs would be one that can endure diverse conditions, from scorching sun to torrential rain.

Moreover, Fjallraven backpack hiking models often feature well-thought-out straps and padding to distribute weight evenly, reducing strain on your body. This attention to detail ensures that the backpack remains comfortable and practical, even when laden with all your essentials for the journey ahead. Durability, therefore, isn’t just about a product’s lifespan—it’s about ensuring your freedom and safety on every hike.


man in blue jacket and blue denim jeans walking on pathway

Beyond durability, the comfort of a Fjallraven backpack is a crucial factor to consider, as it can significantly enhance your hiking experience by reducing fatigue and preventing discomfort during long treks. When you’re out in the wilderness, the freedom to explore without feeling weighed down is essential. Here are three key comfort features of Fjallraven backpacks:

  1. Ergonomic Design: The backpacks are crafted with an ergonomic design that promotes even weight distribution. This helps to minimize the strain on your shoulders and back, making it easier to carry your load over longer distances.
  2. Padded Shoulder Straps and Hip Belts: Thickly padded shoulder straps and hip belts provide additional support and cushioning. This reduces the pressure on your body’s contact points with the pack, allowing you to hike for hours without chafing or soreness.
  3. Breathable Materials: Fjallraven uses materials that offer breathability, preventing excessive sweating and overheating. This is especially useful when you’re aiming for a carry on hiking backpack that won’t leave you feeling clammy and uncomfortable.

Choosing a comfort-focused Fjallraven backpack ensures that your adventurous spirit isn’t hindered by a cumbersome load. You’ll appreciate the attention to detail that goes into making sure you’re as comfortable on the trail as possible.

Weather Resistance

person in black jacket and black pants standing on snow covered ground during daytime

When you’re facing the unpredictable elements of nature, the weather-resistant features of Fjallraven backpacks provide essential protection for your gear. The Fjallraven Kanken hiking backpack is particularly noted for its durability and ability to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring that your belongings stay dry and secure.

Made from the brand’s signature G-1000 fabric, a hardwearing blend of polyester and cotton, these bags for hiking are treated with Greenland Wax for enhanced weather resistance. This treatment creates a barrier that repels water, snow, and dirt while maintaining the material’s breathability.

The weather resistance of these backpacks can be easily refreshed by reapplying the wax. Easily ensuring your gear is protected.


person in black jacket and red pants carrying black backpack on snow covered ground during daytime

While the weather-resistant features of Fjallraven backpacks protect your gear from the elements, the company’ is commited to sustainability. Fjallraven’s approach to creating their backpacks (and other products) isn’t just about durability; it’s also about minimizing environmental impact.

Here’s how they’re achieving this:

  1. Materials: They use eco-friendly materials like G-1000 Eco fabric, which is a blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton. This not only reduces waste but also decreases the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  2. Production Process: Fjallraven strives for energy efficiency in their production. They aim to reduce water usage and chemical discharges, ensuring that their manufacturing footprint is as light as possible.
  3. Longevity: A Fjallraven front loading backpack is designed to last. The longer lifespan of their products means less consumption and waste. Plus, they offer repair services to extend the life of your gear even further.

You’re not just investing in a high-quality piece of equipment; you’re also supporting a brand that prioritizes the planet. When you’re out embracing your freedom in the wild, it’s reassuring to know your choice of backpack contributes to preserving those open spaces.

Functional Design

person in blue denim jeans and brown leather boots with a fjallraven backpack

Harnessing practicality with innovative design, Fjallraven backpacks offer hikers a balance of comfort and functionality tailored for the trails. You’ll notice the strategic placement of pockets and compartments designed to provide easy access to your essentials without needing to remove the pack. This thoughtful design ensures that your gear is organized and reachable, allowing you to move freely and focus on the adventure ahead.

The materials used are not only durable but also weather-resistant, safeguarding your belongings against the elements. You’ll appreciate the adjustable straps that distribute weight evenly, reducing strain on your shoulders and back. The ergonomic support system is adjustable, catering to a variety of body types to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

These backpacks feature loops and attachment points for additional gear, such as trekking poles or ice axes, enhancing their versatility. The reflective details enhance visibility in low-light conditions, an essential safety feature when you’re out in the wilderness.

In essence, a Fjallraven backpack is a companion that adapts to your needs, giving you the freedom to explore without the burden of cumbersome gear. It’s an investment in your comfort and the quality of your outdoor experiences.

Classic Aesthetic

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Beyond their pragmatic design, Fjallraven backpacks also boast a timeless style that appeals to both avid hikers and fashion-conscious individuals. While you’re trekking through the wilderness or strolling through urban landscapes, you’ll notice that these backpacks offer a classic aesthetic that doesn’t compromise on functionality. Here’s why the Fjallraven’s look can be an essential aspect of your outdoor gear:

  1. Iconic Design: The Fjallraven Kanken, for instance, features a rectangular shape and a logo that’s recognizable worldwide. Its design hasn’t changed much since 1978, proving that good style endures.
  2. Variety of Colors: You’re not stuck with drab hues; these backpacks come in a range of colors. Whether you want to blend in with nature or stand out in a crowd, there’s a shade that matches your personal style.
  3. Subtle Branding: In an era where logos often dominate products, Fjallraven backpacks maintain a low-key approach. The simple Arctic fox logo symbolizes adventure without screaming for attention.

You value your freedom to explore, and your gear should reflect that. A Fjallraven backpack isn’t just a tool for carrying your essentials; it’s a statement of your independence and your taste for the timeless.


pink and white fjallraven kanken backpack

In addition to their classic style, Fjallraven backpacks offer remarkable versatility, easily transitioning from rugged trails to urban settings without missing a beat. You’ll find that these backpacks are designed not just for the wilderness but for a lifestyle that values freedom and adaptability. Whether you’re navigating a busy city street or embarking on a weekend hike, your Fjallraven backpack is equipped to handle both environments with ease.

The practical design includes features such as adjustable straps for comfort, multiple compartments for organization, and durable materials that withstand various conditions. You won’t have to switch gear when moving from outdoor adventures to daily use. This seamless integration into all facets of life speaks to the freedom you crave – the freedom to explore without being weighed down by the need for different bags for different occasions.

The backpacks come in various sizes, ensuring that you can pick one that suits your specific needs. Whether you’re packing light for a short hike or carrying all the essentials for a longer trek, there’s a Fjallraven backpack to match your journey. Embrace the versatile nature of these backpacks and enjoy the liberty to go wherever your heart leads, with everything you need right on your back.

Lightweight Options

While you relish the adaptability of your Fjallraven backpack, you’ll also appreciate the lightweight options available that allow for an unencumbered trekking experience. These nimble models are specifically designed to enhance your freedom of movement, so you can navigate trails and ascend peaks without the burden of excessive weight on your shoulders.

To fully grasp the advantages of Fjallraven’s lightweight backpacks, consider these key features:

  1. Material Efficiency: Fjallraven utilizes innovative materials like Vinylon F and G-1000 Lite, which provide durability without the heft. Your backpack will resist the elements and endure the rigors of the trail while minimizing the load you carry.
  2. Streamlined Design: By focusing on essential compartments and avoiding superfluous embellishments, these backpacks offer an optimized storage solution. You’ll find just the right amount of space for your necessities, which helps keep the overall weight down.
  3. Ergonomic Support: Despite their lighter weight, these packs don’t compromise on support. The designs include well-distributed weight systems and breathable straps, ensuring that even when fully packed, they won’t weigh you down or restrict your movements.

Brand Reputation

Fjallraven backpacks on display in one of their stores

You’ll find that Fjallraven has a really good reputation, that is built upon their quality + reliability and great customer service. Fjallraven has earned its stripes in the outdoor community by consistently providing products that meet the high standards of durability, functionality, and sustainability that adventurers seek.

When you consider Fjallraven’s reputation, there are a few critical points to bear in mind:

  1. Longevity: The brand has been around since the 1960s, giving it ample time to refine its products and build a loyal customer base that trusts its backpacks for all kinds of expeditions.
  2. Swedish Heritage: With its roots in Sweden, a country known for its harsh climates and love for the outdoors, Fjallraven has a deep understanding of what’s needed to handle the unpredictability of nature.
  3. Positive Reviews: Online forums and product review sites are filled with stories from satisfied hikers who have tested their Fjallraven backpacks in various conditions and have praised their resilience and comfort.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Security Features in Fjallraven Backpacks to Deter Theft While Traveling or in Crowded Areas?

You’ll find some Fjallraven backpacks have security features like hidden pockets and lockable zippers, which are great for deterring theft in busy spots or while you’re on the move.

How Do Fjallraven Backpacks Affect One’s Visibility to Other Hikers or Search and Rescue Teams in Case of an Emergency?

Fjallraven backpacks often come in bright colors, enhancing your visibility to others outdoors. In emergencies, this can make you more noticeable to search and rescue, potentially speeding up your assistance.

Can Fjallraven Backpacks Be Customized With Additional Accessories or Attachments for Specific Hiking Needs?

You’re trekking into the unknown, where adaptation is key. Yes, Fjallraven backpacks can be outfitted with specialized gear, ensuring you’re prepared for whatever the trail or life throws your way. Freedom awaits.

Is There a Recommended Way to Pack a Fjallraven Backpack to Maintain Balance and Posture During Long Hikes?

To maintain balance and posture on long hikes, you should pack heavier items low and close to your back, with lighter items on top or in outer compartments of your Fjallraven backpack.

Where can I find cheap Fjallraen Backpacks?

I recommend checking Amazon and buying one sold by Amazon, or going into one of their official stores if possible. There are A LOT of fake Fjallraen bags out there, especially in markets. When I was in Camden Town in London, the marketplace was full of fake bags including knock off Fjallravens! It was so annoying as they looked good but looks are super deceiving. Don’t fall for it. Just pay the $50-150 for a legit one on Amazon or from their official store.

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