Snow Sculpture at the 2018 Sapporo Snow Festival

Visiting Japan’s Sapporo Snow Festival

In the most Northern prefecture of Japan, Hokkaido, the annual Sapporo Snow Festival takes place each February. Started back in 1950 when local high school student’s build six sculptures in … Read More

Thundergate at Sensoji Temple, Tokyo -

The Best Travel Apps for Visiting Japan

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Awesome things to see and do in Tokyo

Japan’s vibrant capital, Tokyo, is a harmonious blend of traditional and futuristic, having dazzling skyscrapers as well as ancient historical temples. This bustling metropolis is one of the most fascinating … Read More

Azalea Festival

Tokyo’s Bunkyo Azalea Flower Festival

Tokyo’s Bunkyo Azalea Flower Festival, (also known as Tsutsuji Matsuri), features over 3000 flowers with over 100 different types of azalea. The festival runs from early April through to May … Read More

Sensoji Temple, Tokyo -

The Best Things To Do in Asakusa Tokyo

Asakusa (Pronounced A-sak-sa), is an area of Tokyo full of history and is home of Tokyo’s oldest temple; Sensoji. While most of Tokyo suffered a lot of damage during World … Read More