Buying a Prepaid Travel SIM Card in Spain 2024

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If you’re planning a trip to Spain and want to stay connected I highly recommend getting a Prepaid SIM card or eSim (a digital sim card). 

When it comes to choosing a prepaid SIM card or eSim for Spain, there are several options available. Some of the most popular providers include Vodafone, Orange, Movistar, and Yoigo. Each provider offers different plans with varying amounts of data, minutes, and texts, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your needs. Some providers offer tourist SIM cards specifically designed for travelers, which may include perks like discounted rates for popular attractions.

In this guide, I’ll cover what I found to be the best prepaid sim card and eSim options for Spain.  A lot of which can be used in other EU and EEA countries. Just be aware the UK left the EU and isn’t part of the EEA either so not all sim cards in this guide will cover the UK.. So if you’ll be visiting the UK, check out my UK sim card guide here.

Things to know before buying a Spanish Prepaid Sim Card or eSim

Plaza de España, Seville
Plaza de España, Seville

Prepaid SIM cards are easy to get in Spain and can be purchased from various mobile network operators like Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, Yoigo, Lebara, and Lycamobile.

To use a prepaid SIM card in Spain, you will need an unlocked mobile phone that is compatible with the Spanish mobile network. If you’re coming from the USA, chances are your phone will be locked especially if it is still on a monthly contract. If you are unsure whether your phone is compatible, you can check with your mobile network operator or a local mobile phone store.  

When you buy a prepaid SIM card in Spain, you will need to show your passport. This is because all SIM cards in Spain need to be registered with the government.

If you need to make international calls/texts, then I recommend looking at Lyca and Lebara mobile. These two networks are known for having affordable international calling/messaging plans. eSims are data only so if you need to receive/make calls/texts, you’ll still need a physical sim card. 

Spanish Mobile Network Coverage + Quality

Another thing to be aware of is how well the network covers the area you’ll be traveling in. When it comes to network quality and coverage, Movistar is currently the best network in terms of coverage and quality. Shortly followed by Orange, and Yoigo. Vodafone is also decent but they’re further behind. 

Another thing to consider is using a virtual mobile network provider. These are companies that operate on another phone company’s network, and for Spain, I recommend either:

  • Lycamobile that uses Movistars network
  • Lebara uses Vodafone network

If you opt for an eSim, these will use one of the main Spanish phone networks. Some eSims will automatically switch networks to connect to the best quality network available so you can always be connected. 

There’s also some tourist sim cards available online that will use phone networks – normally Movistar, Orange or Vodafone. Either way, if you’re traveling to a large town or city like Barcelona, Seville, or Alicante you’ll get good coverage from any phone network available in Spain.

Prepaid Sim Card Data Plans

nano sim ejector tool

Spain has some good prepaid sim card plans available, which are suitable for tourists. 

When comparing data plans and costs, it’s important to consider factors like data speed, coverage, and credit validity. Some providers may offer unlimited data but with slower 3G speeds. Others may offer faster 5G speeds but with a limited amount of data.

Movistar Prepaid Sim Card Plans

Movistar offers a prepaid SIM card that can be purchased online or in-store. For 2023 they have the following prepaid sim card offers available online and you should find similar or the same offer in-store:

  • €10 for 10GB data
  • €15 for 20GB data
  • €20 for 35B Data

All these plans offer 5G+ speeds (with compatible phones). They include unlimited calls within Spain and EU roaming (up to 19GB, the limit varies based on your plan). They also offer cheap international calls so you can phone home for 1.21 cents a minute. 

As of August 2023, they’re offering 4x the data for the above plans for €10 gets you 40GB of data! This is a really good offer. All the plans above last for 4 weeks, after 4 weeks your data will expire and you’ll need to renew the plan.

If you go to a Movistar store you’ll need to take your passport with you as it is needed to activate the sim card. If you buy online, you’ll have to activate using their website here. 

Movistar stores can be found throughout Spain, with multiple stores in the largest cities such as Barcelona and Madrid. You won’t find them sold at the airport though so if you want to be connected soon as you land, you’ll need ot opt for a different company. 

Orange Prepaid Sim Card Plans

Orange Spain has some good deals as well, and you can pick up one of their prepaid sim cards online, at the airport or in an Orange store. Here are some of their offers as of August 2023, all these plans have unlimited national calls and last for 28 days:

  • €10 for 25GB Data
  • €15 for 50GB Data
  • €20 for 100GB data

They also have two plans aimed at tourists, called Holiday Pass. These offer:

  • €15 for unlimited data for 5 days, 50 national minutes and international calls
  • €25 for Unlimited data for 5 days, 100 national minutes and international calls

Orange also offers a range of Orange Holiday Sim Cards that can be purchased online through Amazon. I highly recommend getting one of these if you’re visiting multiple European countries and want to get connected soon as you land. 

If you do opt for an Orange prepaid sim card, I recommend buying one from an Orange store rather than at the airport. Airports can up the price or have worse offers.

Yoigo Prepaid Sim Cards

Yoigo is a smaller provider only available in Spain. They’re cheap, and whilst their coverage isn’t terrible they’re not as good as Vodafone, Orange or Movistar. Their plans tend to have a large amount of data, making them great for high data users. 

As of 2023, here’s some of their plans. All these plans offer 4G speeds, include unlimited national calls and EU roaming: 

  • €10 for 25GB data
  • €15 for 50GB data
  • €20 for 100GB Data
  • €35 for 150GB data

If you want to get a Yoigo sim card, I recommend heading to one of the Yoigo stores. You won’t currently find their sim card sold in the airport, supermarkets etc. So make sure to head to a Yoigo store to pick one up.

You can also order them online, but if you go to the store they’ll help you with activating it. Just remember your passport as you need it to activate the sim card. 

Vodafone Prepaid Sim Card Plans

Vodafone prepaid sim cards can be purchased online, at the airport and in stores. The airport offers may vary to those below so I do recommend trying to wait until you’re outside the airport. 

These are the current Vodafone prepaid sim card offers available as of August 2023. All these plans include roaming in the EU and the UK and last for 28 days

  • €10 for 50GB data, 300 national and international minutes.
  • €15 for 100GB data, 800 international minutes, unlimited national minutes
  • €20 for 140GB data, 300 international minutes, unlimited national minutes

Vodafone has a 5G network with decent coverage, and any unused data rolls over into the next 28 day cycle. So if you’ll be in Spain for more than 28 days, you could opt for their highest plan and continue using your data past the 28 day cycle. You can also top up the sim card after 28 days. 

You can order Vodafone sim cards online but I do recommend doging to a store, as it’s easier to activate in person. Remember to take your passport with you as you have to register the sim card as part of the activation.

  Lycamobile Prepaid Sims for Spain

Lycamobile sim cards in Spain can be purchased from stores known as locutorios, the airport and ordered for free online. 

To get a free Lycamobile sim card you will need to have an address in Spainw here you can receive mail. You can get a free sim card when you pay for your first top up online. To do this, head to their website here. If you don’t speak Spanish, you can use Google translate to translate from Spanish to English (or your chosen language). 

Choose from one of the following plans online:

  • Lyca Globe 5: 5 euros for 6GB data, 100 national and international minutes + 100 national SMS
  • Lyca Globe 10: 10 euros for 20GB Data, 400 minutes international calls, unlimited national calls and 100 national SMS
  • Lyca Globe 15: 15 euros for 50GB Data, 1000 minutes international calls, unlimited national calls and 100 national SMS
  • Lyca Globe 20: 20 euros for 100GB Data, 1000 minutes international calls, unlimited national calls and 100 national SMS

All the above plans include data roaming in Europe and last for 28 days.

You can find similar offers in stores and at the airport, but they’ll cost more than their online plans.

Lebara Prepaid Sims for Spain

Lebara is similar to Lycamobile. Their sim cards can be purchased at the locutorios stores, at the airport and online. If you want a free sim card, you can get one online when you purchase a top up plan but you’ll need a Spanish address.

To get the free sim card, head to Lebara’s website here. Use Google Translate if needed. Pick from one of the plans below, and then place the order to a Spanish address.

  • Todo incluido 5 (All Inclusive 5): 5 euros for 6GB Data, Unlimited national calls, 100 international minutes, 100 national SMS
  • Todo incluido 10 (All Inclusive 10): 10 euros for 20GB Data, Unlimited national calls, 500 international minutes, 100 national SMS
  • Todo incluido 15 (All Inclusive 15): 15 euros for 50GB Data, Unlimited national calls, 1000 international minutes, 100 national SMS
  • Todo incluido 20 (All Inclusive 20): 20 euros for 100GB Data, Unlimited national calls, 2000 international minutes, 100 national SMS

Physical Sim Card vs eSims

A great alternative to a physical sim card is an eSim. An eSim is a digital sim card that is downloaded onto your phone and can be much more affordable. When it comes to choosing between a physical SIM card and an eSIM for your mobile device, there are a few factors to consider. Here are some points to help you compare the two options:

Physical SIM

Here are some pros and cons of using a physical SIM:


  • Widely available: Physical SIM cards are available at most mobile phone stores, airports, and other locations.
  • Includes a phone number so you can send/receive calls and texts.


  • Prone to damage: Physical SIM cards can get damaged or lost, which can be a hassle to replace.
  • Inconvenient: Switching SIM cards can be inconvenient, especially if you need to do it frequently.
  • You may need ID to register the sim card.


Here are some pros and cons of using an eSIM card for traveling:


  • Convenient: You can activate an eSIM remotely, without needing to visit a store or insert a physical SIM card.
  • Multiple plans: You can usually have multiple eSIM plans on a single device, which can be useful if you travel frequently.
  • No ID required to register the eSim.


  • eSims are Data-only: eSIMs only come with data, they don’t support making calls or receiving SMS text messages. So you have to still buy a physical SIM card if you need to make/receive calls/texts.
  • Requires internet connection: You need an internet connection to activate an eSIM, which can be a problem if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or cellular data.
  • Limited device support: Not all devices support eSIMs, so you may need to upgrade your device to use one.

Purchasing an eSim for Spain

Málaga in Spain

There are several providers offering eSims for Spain such as BNE eSim, Airalo and GigSky. All 3 of these providers offer a good range of plans, that are affordable and don’t require ID to register. 

Bnesim eSim plans

BNE eSim offers both local Spanish eSim cards and European regional eSim cards. The eSims are data only, and don’t include a Spanish cell phone number so if you want to make or receive calls you’ll need to get a physical sim card.

BNE eSim’s Spanish local sim card offers:

  • 1GB Data for 7 Days, costing 2.78 Euros
  • 3GB Data for 30 Days, costing 6.53 Euros
  • 5GB Data for 30 Days, costing 9.47 Euros
  • 10GB data for 30 days, costing 16.01 Euros
  • 20GB data for 30 days, costing 28.26 Euros

BNE eSim’s European regional sim card offers:

  • 1GB Data for 30 Days, costing 2.07 Euros
  • 3GB Data for 30 Days, costing 6.02 Euros
  • 5GB Data for 30 Days, costing 9.71 Euros
  • 10GB data for 30 days, costing 18.61 Euros
  • 20GB data for 30 days, costing 28.26 Euros

BNE eSim also offers some global data plans that work in 102 countries,. These are the plans available:

  • 1GB Data for 7 Days, costing 9.47 Euros
  • 3GB Data for 30 Days, costing 24.50 Euros
  • 5GB Data for 30 Days, costing 37.57 Euros
  • 10GB data for 30 days, costing 65.83 Euros
  • 20GB data for 30 days, costing 112.71 Euros

They also offer a “mini global” plan that works in 56 countries. These ar a bit cheaper than their global plans. The plans are@

  • 1GB Data for 7 Days, costing 4.08 Euros
  • 3GB Data for 30 Days, costing 10.29 Euros
  • 5GB Data for 30 Days, costing 16.01 Euros
  • 10GB data for 30 days, costing 28.26 Euros
  • 20GB data for 30 days, costing 48.84 Euros

You can order your BNE eSim here.

Airalo eSim Plans

Airalo offers local Spanish eSim plans, regional eSim plans and Global eSim plans. All of these are data only.

Spansih eSim plans from Airalo

Airalo’s Spanish eSim cards start at $4.50, and go upto $26. Here’s a list of what they have available:

eurolink e sim plans for europe
eSim Plans for use in 39 countries.

Airalo offers the following eSim plans for use within the EU:

global esim card from airalo
Global eSim plans from Airalo

They also offer global eSims. They have these global eSim plans available that work in 87 countries:

GigSky eSim Plans

GigSky is the last eSim provider in this list. They offer eSims that cover Europe and a World Plan.

Their world plan is $69.99 for 5GB data and lasts 30 days. Which is quite expensive in comparison to Airalo’s global plans.

You can buy a GigSky eSim here.

Pocket WiFi For Traveling in Spain

Another way to stay connected when traveling is to get a pocket WiFi/mobile internet device which allow you to connect multiple devices to one plan.

These devices either come with their own sim card built in, or allow you to insert a sim card of your choice. They’re a great way of saving money if you’re traveling as a group, as you won’t need to pay for seperate data plans.

Mobile/Pocket WiFi devices have a higher up front cost, but if you’re traveling a lot they can soon pay off.

Below is a list of top rated mobile/pocket WiFi devices and plans. Personally, I use the Huawei E5573Cs-322 + a local or regional sim card.


Mobile Wifi Device / Mobile Wifi Plan

SkyroamMobile WiFi Hotspot & Power Bank, works in 130+ countries including the UK and Europe.
SkyroamSkyroam Pre-Paid Card: 5 Global WiFi Day passes 
GlocalMeGlocalMe G3 4G Mobile WiFi Hotspot, with 1.1GB Global data
GMYLEPrepaid Travel Sim with 200 MB Global Data
HuaweiHuawei E5573Cs-322, 4G Travel Hotspot
TP-LinkTP-Link M7350 4G LTE MiFi Device (No Sim Card included)

Buying a Spanish Prepaid Sim Card Online

If you want to ensure you’ll be connected as soon as you land, I recommend buying a Spanish prepaid sim card online before you travel. That way you can get the sim card delivered to your home/work, stick it in your hand luggage ready to insert it into your phone soon as you land. 

There’s a few different sim cards to pick. Some, such as Orange Holdiay are aimed at tourists but there’s also some good offers from Vodafone and Movistar that can be purchased from Amazon. Many of these sim cards, also work in other European Union countres.

Roaming in Europe with a Spanish Prepaid SIm Card

Most sim cards that work in Spain will also work within the EU! Since 2017, new roaming regulations were applied in the EU countries. These regulations were all included in the Roam Like At Home, which allows customers to travel from one country to another inside the EU without paying roaming charges.

This means that if you buy a prepaid SIM card in Spain, you can use it in other EU countries without any additional fees. This does not apply to eSim cards. If you want to use an eSim in multiple countries you need to purchase a regional eSim.

International Roaming Options

If you plan to travel outside the EU, you will need to consider international roaming. Roaming fees can be quite high, so it’s important to check with your service provider for rates and options. Some providers offer international roaming packages that can be purchased before you travel.

Another option for international travel is to purchase an international SIM card. These SIM cards are designed for travelers and offer coverage in multiple countries. They can be expensive to purcahse but can save money over buying multiple local sim card

You could get the OneSimCard Expedition International SIM Card which works in 200 Countries, and starts at 1cent per MB of data.

Or, a Happy Travel Sim that includes global roaming, and starts at $46.90 for a 5 Day Plan giving 1-2GB a day.

For more information on intenational sim cards, check out my guide here.

Data Roaming Outside Your Plan

Data roaming can be particularly expensive, so it’s important to turn off data roaming on your phone when you travel. To avoid charges, connect to free WiFi whenever possible instead of using your phones data. Just be careful to run a VPN to protect you from malware and people monitoring your internet usage.

I hope this guide helped you find the most suitable international sim card for your travels. You might also find these international sim card guides helpful:

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