Azalea Festival

Tokyo’s Bunkyo Azalea Flower Festival

Tokyo’s Bunkyo Azalea Flower Festival, (also known as Tsutsuji Matsuri), features over 3000 flowers with over 100 different types of azalea. The festival runs from early April through to May … Read More

Sensoji Temple, Tokyo -

The Best Things To Do in Asakusa Tokyo

Asakusa (Pronounced A-sak-sa), is an area of Tokyo full of history and is home of Tokyo’s oldest temple; Sensoji. While most of Tokyo suffered a lot of damage during World … Read More

Foss a Sidu waterfall, Iceland

How to find the best travel photography spots

Locating the perfect photo-spots while traveling is time-consuming. No one wants to waste their precious time when travelling sat in front of a computer browsing the net, trying to find … Read More


Secrets to Finding Cheap Flights

I am asked a lot how I can afford to travel, and when I explain how cheap flights can be most of the time I get asked how and where … Read More

Glacier Lagoon, Iceland

30 Most Inspirational Travel Quotes

Below is a collection of the 30 of the most inspirational travel quotes. These quotes will help motivate you to book that flight, pack your bags and jet off to … Read More

Sky Garden - London

How to install Adobe Lightroom Presets

This photography guide will help you install your Lightroom Presets really quickly for both Mac and Windows. As of Adobe Lightroom CC 2018, you can now install presets by clicking … Read More