Explore Amsterdam: The 10+ Best Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

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If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam, you simply cannot miss out on exploring the city’s famous canals which are a UNESCO World Heritage Sight. A canal boat tour is one of the best ways to get a unique and beautiful view of Amsterdam from the water. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose between all the options available.

But I’ve done the research for you and have compiled a list of what I found to be the best canal boat tours in Amsterdam. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening tour with champagne or a family-friendly daytime tour, there’s a canal cruise for everyone. Most of these tours are suitable for all ages, and some include beer, wine, soft drinks, and food such as pizza. 

Some of these tours are included with the iAmsterdam City Card, so you can enjoy a canal ride and also get access to some of the best things to do in Amsterdam such as the Rijksmuseum) with access to public transport in Amsterdam at a discounted price. 

From the comfort of your boat, you’ll be able to see Amsterdam’s stunning architecture, picturesque bridges, and charming houseboats. You’ll also get to learn about the city’s history and culture from knowledgeable tour guides.

Most of these boats include free WiFi, but if you’re visiting from outside Europe I recommend getting a local prepaid sim card. That way you can stay connected and share photos from your trip to Amsterdam.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as we take you through the best canal cruises that Amsterdam has to offer.

This list is in no particular order, but if you are a wheelchair user I highly recommend the Blue Boat Company as they’re the only canal cruise company in Amsterdam to have wheelchair-accessible boats.

Do you need to book Amsterdam Canal tours in advance?

View of the Amsterdam canals during sunset. Photo shows the canal houses on the left with canal boats lining the sides of the canals.

I highly recommended booking an Amsterdam Canal tour in advance. Especially during the summer when the cruises are much more likely to sell out. You’ll also get much more flexibility on the time and date you can book. 

Outside of the busier touristy season (May through to August), you can normally get a ticket the same with some of the companies that have higher capacity in their boats such as Stromma Cruises. Companies such as Those Dam Boat Guys have smaller boats, so are more likely to be sold out even in the quieter months. 

Booking in advance also gives you the chance to take advantage of combination tickets and other offers but I recommend considering the iAmsterdam Card if you also wish to visit museums such as the Rijksmuseum,  or the A’DAM Tower as these and many other popular attractions are included with the card.

If you’re going to be using the iAmsterdam City Card, you’ll need to book your tickets in person at the tour company’s office and your card must be valid for the time you book. This is fairly easy to do, and the location of these offices is included in this guide.

What Type of Canal Cruises Are There?

Photo of a traditional wooden canal boat cruising along the waterways in Amsterdam.

When it comes to canal boat tours in Amsterdam, visitors have several options to choose from. Here are the different types of canal boat tours available:

  1. Daytime cruises: These cruises typically run from early morning until late afternoon and are a great way to see the city’s heritage sights during the natural light. They’re one of the more popular options so they can get booked up fast. This is also the cruise type included with the iAmsterdam card. Many daytime canal boat cruises also offer multilingual audio guides, providing interesting facts and stories about Amsterdam’s history and culture. 
  2. Evening cruises: Evening canal boat cruises in Amsterdam offer a more romantic feel than daytime tours. As the sun sets and the lights come on, the city takes on a magical glow that is best experienced from the water. Some of the evening cruises, are dinner cruises so you can enjoy a meal as you cruise along the canals.
  3. Private Tours: Private tours are ideal for those who want a personalized experience. Visitors can hire a private boat with a captain and a guide who can take them on a customized tour. Private tours are more expensive than other types of tours, but they offer a more intimate and exclusive experience.
  4. Hop-on-Hop-off Tours: Hop-on-hop-off bus and boat tours are great if you want to explore Amsterdam at your own pace, and let you see Amsterdam from the water while also being able to explore many of its main attractions such as the Anne Frank Museum. You’ll have access to the hop-on-hop-off bus, and a 1-hour boat cruise so you can explore Keizersgracht, Prinsengracht, and Herengracht from the waters. 
  5. Unusual and Unique Canal Tour: These tours are perfect for visitors who want to explore Amsterdam’s canals in a more unusual, unique way. You can pick from tours that include a range of things such as unlimited drinks (including alcohol), Kids cruises, or a pizza dinner cruise.
  6. Wheelchair-accessible cruises: For those with disabilities or who use wheelchairs, there are some accessible cruising options available from companies such as Blue Boat Company which I cover further down.

The Best Amsterdam Canal Cruises

View of Amsterdam's Canals

Flagship Amsterdam

Flagship Amsterdam is one of the highest-rated cruise companies in the city, and offers a range of tours:

Flagship Daytime Canal Cruise

On this tour, you can cruise along Amsterdam’s beautiful canals in an all-electric luxury boat for an hour. During the tour, a local guide will tell you about the city’s history, and point out interesting sights as you pass by. 

During this tour, you’ll pass by the Jordaan district, the Amsterdam Cheese Museum, The Anne Frank House, and many other popular cultural and historical sights around the city. You’ll also pass by De Kaaskamer, a specialty cheese store that I highly recommend visiting.  Later in the tour, you’ll get to see the Rijksmuseum from the waters before going into the Amstel River.  Here you’ll learn how the city got its name from the name of the river. Plus there’s many other things to spot as you cruise along the canals.

During the summer, this cruise will take place on an open-top boat where you can enjoy a 360 view of the charming canals. During winter, you’ll be undercover to protect yourself from the cold wind.

This cruise has a bar on board so you can purchase drinks. If you’d like drinks included with your ticket price, check out the other options below.

  • 1-hour cruise
  • Cost: 19.95 euros (about $22 USD)
  • Open top boat in summer
  • Bar on board with drinks available for purchase
  • Covers about 43 different sights viewable from the Amsterdam Canals.

Check availability here

Flagship Cheese and Wine Cruise

gouda cheese
Gouda cheese

This tour includes an Amsterdam canal cruise and a Dutch Gouda cheese tasting. You’ll also be able to enjoy unlimited drinks, choosing from wine, beer, and soft drinks. 

You’ll also be guided along the canals by a local live guide aboard a classic wooden saloon boat. The tour lasts about 1 hour and during this time, you’ll cruise past a lot of Amsterdam’s best sights. This is including but is not limited to the Anne Frank House, The 7 Bridges, Jordaan District, Magere Brug, and the NEMO Science Museum. In total, you’ll get to see about 43 different sights.

  • 1-hour Cruise
  • Cost: 32.50 euros (about $35.95)
  • Includes Dutch cheese and unlimited drinks
  • Enjoy unlimited wine, beer, and soft drinks.
  • Two departure points: By the Anne Frank House at Prinsengracht 263 or from Centraal Station at Prins Hendrikkade 33A

Check availability here.

Flagship Evening Cruise

If you opt for this cruise you’ll be able to enjoy watching Amsterdam light up at night as you cruise along its beautiful and charming canals. At night, you’ll be able to see the bridges and churches as they light up. All while a live guide talks to you about the city, and shares tips on how to get the most out of your trip to Amsterdam.

You can either start this cruise from Central Station or from the Anne Frank House Museum. If you’d like to visit the Anne Frank House, why not consider visiting the museum first before going on an evening cruise? Just remember to book tickets for the Anne Frank Houe Museum soon as they’re available as they can sell out fast (especially during summer). To learn how to get tickets, read my guide to getting tickets for the Anne Frank House here.

The evening cruise has an onboard bar so you can order drinks (these aren’t included in your ticket price).

  • 1-hour evening cruise
  • Cost: 19.95 (About $22.07 USD)
  • Depart from the front of Central Station or the Anne Frank House
  • Bar on board (drinks not included in ticket price)
  • Covers about 43 different sights.

Check availability here.

Private Canal Cruise with Unlimited Drinks by Flagship

An open-top Flagship Amsterdam boat, which is white with the words "Manhatten, Flagship Amsterdam" written on the side cruising along the canals in Amsterdam.
Photo by Marcelo Verfe

If you’re looking for something more luxurious or you’re traveling in a large group you could book a private canal cruise. The canal boats can hold up to 15 adults, and the price starts at 195 euros (about $215.73 USD). The price changes depending on the size of your group, but this can still work out cheaper than a regular canal cruise; especially as it includes unlimited drinks!

During the cruise, you’ll get access to an open bar that serves beer, wine, and soft drinks making it a sort of private booze cruise. During the summer months, the tour will be open top, unless it trains; then they’ll put on a rain cover so you don’t get wet. 

You’ll get to pass by many of the best places to visit in Amsterdam, including the Jordaan district, the Golden Bend, the Amstel River, and more. The cruise lasts 1 hour 30 minutes so you get plenty of time to see many of the best sights. 

The tour departs from Oosterdokskade 8 which is located a few minutes walk from Centraal Station. There is a bit of a steep step down into the boat, so if you do have any mobility restrictions or struggle to do large steps I recommend looking at the Blue Boat Company’s tours instead as they offer accessible tours.

  • 1 hour 30-minute private canal cruise
  • Cost: From 195 euros (about $215.73 USD). Price varies depending on group size.
  • Includes unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks
  • Departs from Oosterdokskade 8 by Centraal Station.

Check availability here. 

LOVERS Canal Cruise

Photo of 3 lover canal boats in front of Amsterdam Central Station, where they come in to moor so passengers can get on/off.
Lovers Canal Boats

LOVERS Canal Cruise offers the following canal cruises:

LOVERS Daytime Cruise

Their daytime cruise is run 1 hour long and takes place on a semi-open boat. So come rain or shine, the cruise will take place. The cruise passes by iconic landmarks, such as the Royal Palace, the Anne Frank House, and the Skinny Bridge. They have GPS audio guides available in multiple languages, so you can learn about the city’s history and culture in your preferred language.

The daytime canal cruise is included for free with the iAmsterdam City Card. To get cruise tickets, you need to the Lovers Canal booking office that’s located at Prins Hendrikkade 20C.   Make sure your card is valid for your chosen time slot. 

Check availability here.

You can also combine this cruise with a trip to one of the best Amsterdam attractions to save money. Here are some of the combination options available:

LOVERS Evening Canal Cruise

Photo of a lovers canal cruise company boat cruising along the waterways during sunset.

Alternatively, why not do the canal cruise in the evening? The evening cruises depart at 9:30 pm so you could cruise the canals after dark and enjoy looking at the illuminated city. For the best experience, I recommend checking what time the sun will set during your visit so you can make sure you get a canal ride as the sun is setting. 

Each of the evening canal cruises takes a different route based on the canal’s traffic. So even if you’ve taken a canal cruise in the past, this one will most likely be a bit different. You could possibly see popular sights such as the Anne Frank House, Westerkerk, pass through the Jordaan district or even along the Amstel River. 

  • 1 Hour evening canal cruise in Amsterdam
  • Cost: 19 euros (about $20.60 USD)
  • GPS Audio guide in multiple languages
  • Free cancelation up to 8 hours before the scheduled departure time
  • Departs near Central Station at Prins Hendrikkade 25

Check availability here.

LOVERS Evening Dinner Cruise

For a more romantic experience, you could consider going on the LOVERS Evening Canal Cruise. Which is a 2-hour tour that takes you around Amsterdam’s canals as the sun sets and the city lights come alive. The illuminated bridges and buildings create a magical atmosphere, making this cruise perfect for couples or anyone looking for a memorable evening. 

During this dinner cruise, you’ll be able to enjoy a 3-course meal. Choose from meat, fish, or vegetarian options and from a selection of drinks including wine, beer, and soft drinks. Plus still and sparkling water is available. 

Service dogs are allowed on board, and if your plans change you can cancel this tour up to 24 hours in advance.

  • 120-minute Evening Dinner Cruise in Amsterdam
  • Costs: Prices from 79 Euros About ($85.65 USD) 
  • Includes a 3-course meal
  • Vegetarian options are available
  • Includes drinks – wine, beer, or soft drinks.
  • Free cancelation up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure time.
  • Departs from Prins Hendrikkade 25 by Amsterdam Centraal Station.

Check availability here.

LOVERS New York Pizza Cruise

Lovers canal boat cruising under a bridge in Amsterdam

During this 75-minute cruise, you’ll get to enjoy eating pizza whilst taking in the sights of Amsterdam. You’ll get to bypass many of the famous parts of Amsterdam including the Red Light District and the Anne Frank House Museum. 

If you’re only in Amsterdam for a short time, this cruise is a great way of being able to save time by combining lunch and a cruise in one. You’ll get a good overall taster of Amsterdam, whilst tasting the freshly cooked delicious pizza. 

There’s a range of pizza toppings available including pepperoni, chili chicken, California veggie, Hawaii, and Margherita. The Margherita is also available with vegan cheese or in a child-size. Plus, the cruise also includes the choice of a beer, wine, or soft drink plus cooking dough chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. 

  • 75 Minute Cruise
  • Cost: 42.50 euros (about $46.11 USD)
  • The cruise runs daily at 6 pm
  • Departs from Prins Hendrikkade 25 near Centraal Station.
  • Free cancelation up to 8 hours before the scheduled departure time
  • Includes pizza, drink, and dessert

Check availability here.

LOVERS Wine and cheese cruise

On this 90-minute canal cruise, you’ll be able to enjoy eating Dutch cheese and drinking wine as you cruise along the 17th-century canals in the Dutch Capital. 

Take in views of the city, as you sip on a glass of refreshing white, rose, red, or sparkling wine. If you don’t drink or don’t like wine you can opt for still mineral water instead. 

The cheeses included being local to Amsterdam and other areas of The Netherlands such as Old Amsterdam. There’ll also be grapes, figs and breads available for you to enjoy. 

This cruise departs at 8 pm each day so you’ll also get to enjoy watching Amsterdam come alive at night as the bridges and buildings illuminate. You’ll depart from Prins Hendrikkade 25 which is located right by Amsterdam Centraal train station. If your plans change, you can cancel this tour up to 8 hours before the scheduled departure time. 

  • 90-minute cruise through Amsterdam
  • Cost: 37.50 euros (about $40.69 USD)
  • Includes a variety of cheeses, grapes, bread, and figs
  • Choose between red, white, rose or sparkling wine, or a still mineral water
  • Free cancelation up to 8 hours before the scheduled departure time

Check availability here.

Stromma Canal Cruise

Closed top Stromma canal boat cruising along the Amsterdam canal during sunset.

Stromma offer’s a range of cruise options for you to pick from, these are:

Stromma 1-hour Daytime Cruise:

With this 1-hour daytime cruise ran b Stromma, you’ll get to see the city, whilst relaxing on a comfy boat. You’ll pass by the canal houses, and see Amsterdam’s best attractions from its waterways such as the Anne Frank House. 

Their daytime cruise is included with the iAmsterdam City Card. To use your city card, you need to book a timeslot. This can be done either at the office located in Amsterdam Central Station or at the box office by Danrak Pier 5. Make sure your City Card is valid for your chosen time slot or you won’t be allowed on the boat. 

Alternatively, you could get a combination ticket, allowing you to combine your daytime cruise with other attractions, such as the Van Gogh Museum, the Heineken Experience, or Keukenhof (in April-May). 

They also provide audio guides in 18 languages, so no matter your preferred language you can learn about Amsterdam’s rich history and culture as you cruise along the canals.

  • 1-hour canal cruise during the Day Time
  • Cost: 18.50 euros (about $21 USD) from the Rijksmuseum departure point. Other departure points have different prices.
  • Free daytime cruise with the iAmsterdam City Card
  • Audio guide available in 18 languages
  • Multiple departure points including stops near Central Station and the Rijksmuseum

Check availability here.

Stromma Weekend Pizza Cruise

The pizza cruise is a 1.5-hour long evening cruise that includes 1 pizza and drinks (a choice of beer, wine, or soft drinks). During the tour you’ll have a live guide, explaining Amsterdam’s history and culture in English as you pass each of the sights. So sit back, enjoy your pizza, and take in the sights as you cruise around the 17th-century canal system. 

The pizza menu includes Margherita, pepperoni, Hawaii, chili chicken, and California veggie. Drinks are also included in the price and you can pick from beer, wine or soft drinks. 

This cruise only takes place on weekends, so if your visit to Amsterdam falls on a weekday then I recommend considering one of their other tours or booking the LOVERS Pizza Cruise.

  • 1.5-hour canal cruise
  • 44.50 euros (about $49 USD)
  • Vegetarian option available
  • Includes drinks – beer, wine and soft drinks.
  • Departs from Stromma Damrak, Pier 5

Check availability here.

Stromma Cheese and Wine Cruises

Stromma’s cheese and wine cruise is a great way to experience the canals up close while enjoying an open-air ride through the picturesque waterways.

This 1.5-hour canal cruise includes an English-speaking live guide who will talk you through Amsterdam’s history and culture. You’ll get to see the canal houses and learn why they were built the way they are, as you cruise the Amsterdam Canals. You’ll also bypass boat homes, under famous bridges, and past many of the world-famous sights such as the Anne Frank House. 

The cruise will let you taste the traditional Dutch cheese made by Henri Willig plus wines that have been specially chosen to go with these cheeses. If you don’t like wine, you can also pick from beer or a soft drink. 

Note: This cruise has a minimum age of 18 so if you’re visiting Amsterdam with kids I recommend doing the pizza cruise or the standard daytime cruise instead.

  • Costs: 44.50 euros (about $48.28 USD)
  • Includes a 1.5 hour canal cruise
  • Cheese, wine, beer and soft drinks included with your ticket price
  • Departs from Stromma Damrak, Pier 5

Check availability here.

Stromma Open Boat Tour of Amsterdam

Photo of the bridge at the Amstel River during sunset.
Amstel River

The open boat tours of Amsterdam are a great way of exploring the city, as they use a small boat that fits down areas of the canals that the typical canal tour boats cannot. Plus as they don’t have a roof, you will get amazing views of this beautiful city and be able to truly enjoy taking in the sights. 

This is personally my favorite type of tour during the summer, as you’ll have better photo opportunities and be able to enjoy the warm summer sun whilst cruising on the water. If you’re visiting during autumn or winter, this is still a good option but make sure to wrap up warm. 

During this cruise, the captain will also act as your guide. So if there’s any specific area of Amsterdam’s canals that you’d like to see just let the captain know once you’re aboard the boat and if possible they will accommodate your request. But if there is something you’d really like to visit you could consider booking a private cruise instead by one of the companies I recommend further down.

There are multiple departure points to pick from including the Rijksmuseum, Damrak Peir 6 near Centraal Station or Leidsplein.

  • Costs: 19.50 euros (about $21 USD)
  • Takes place aboard a small electric boat, with no roof for better views
  • Depart from Damrak Pier 6, Rijksmuseum, or Leidsplein
  • Book through Viator for free cancelation up to 24 hours in advance.

Check availability here.

Blue Boat Company Canal Cruise

The canal that passes through the red light district in Amsterdam. Shop fronts lit up at night.

Blue Boat Company offer a range of cruises and is the only canal cruise company in Amsterdam that can accommodate wheelchair users and people with limited mobility on some of their tours. So if you are disabled, and have been struggling to find a cruise that’s suitable – don’t worry, the Blue Boat Company has you covered. They also have one of their tours included with the iAmsterdam card.

Blue Boat Company offers the following cruises:

Blue Boat Company Day Time Cruise

This daytime 75-minute city canal tour provides an audio guide in 19 languages and offers a fantastic overview of Amsterdam’s highlights, including the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum, and the Heineken Experience.

Plus this tour is included on the iAmsterdam city card! To use your city card, head to their booking office opposite the Hard Rock Cafe at Stadhouderskade 501. Make sure your city card is valid for your chosen time slot.

This cruise has some wheelchair-accessible options. The wheelchair access is only available for certain time slots, and you can find an up-to-date list on their website here. Wheelchair access is only available from the Hard RockCafé departure point so make sure to book tickets from this departure point. You should also book in advance, so they have enough time to make sure they have a wheelchair-accessible boat for your cruise.

When booking, they ask that you add a note mentioning someone in your group will be using a wheelchair or you can contact them. If you’re wanting to book the cruise with the iAmsterdam city card, you’ll still have to go to their booking office to do this. You might find that the cruises fill up fast during the summer so have plenty of flexibility for the time/day you’d like to go. If you have any questions regarding accessibility or want to confirm they can accommodate your wheelchair I recommend speaking to them before you book. 

The wheelchair-accessible options are also great for those with limited mobility, as with most canal cruises you have to step in and out of the boat. This can be quite difficult on some of the other tours as there can be a 30cm+ high step to get out.

Traveling with kids? If so this is easily one of the top canal cruises in Amsterdam. The daytime cruise offers a kid-friendly cruise option, for free with every kid’s ticket purchased. The kid’s cruise includes an audio story in Dutch or English, a booklet, pencils, and pirate binoculars. So your kids are bound to be entertained and have a fun time aboard the cruise.

  • 75-minute Daytime Canal Cruise 
  • Cost: From 23 euros (about $25 USD)
  • Wheelchair-accessible option available
  • Free with the iAmsterdam city card
  • Kid-friendly cruise
  • Audio guide in 19 languages
  • 2 departure points – Stadhouderskade 550 by the Heineken Experience or Stadhouderskade 501 from the Hardrock cafe.

Check availability here.

If you’re looking for ways to save money, why not combine your Blue Boat cruise with one of Amsterdam’s best attractions? Here’s some options available, all of which have a wheelchair-accessible cruise option.

Evening Cruise by the Blue Boat Company

This is a 90-minute long evening cruise, that will take you through Amsterdam’s beautiful canals. You’ll get to see the city as it lights up and sail under the beautifully illuminated bridges such as The Skinny Bridge. 

The evening cruise has wheelchair-accessible options available so is perfect for those who use wheelchairs or have limited mobility. They ask that you book your evening cruise in advance so they can ensure you’ll be cruising on one of their wheelchair-accessible boats. For more accessibility information, visit their site here. 

The evening cruise also includes an audio guide, that’s available in 19 different languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and more. You can also ask for earphones if you forgot to bring your own.

The cruise doesn’t include food or drink but you can opt to add on a snack box that’ll contain things like stroopwafels, chips, plus a drink.

  • 90-minute Evening Cruise
  • Cost: From 26 euros (about $28 USD)
  • Wheelchair-accessible option available
  • Audio guide in 19 languages
  • Departs from Stadhouderskade 501, by the Hard Rock Cafe
  • Departure times between 6:30 pm to 10 pm

Check availability here.

Open top canal cruise by The Blue Boat Company
Canal houses in Amsterdam

The Blue Boat Company offers a unique way to explore the canals of Amsterdam with their 75-minute open-top canal cruise. 

This small open boat tour allows you to get up close and personal with the beautiful surroundings while also providing tons of opportunities to take pictures of the canals. You’ll be able to access areas of Amsterdam’s waterways that larger boats cannot pass through making it the perfect way to see the city. This experience is perfect for those who want an immersive and intimate view of the city’s waterways. You can sit back and relax while gliding along the canals, taking in the stunning architecture and picturesque scenery. The cruise offers a truly memorable experience that captures the city’s charm and beauty in a way that cannot be matched by other means of transportation. 

During the tour, the captain will tell you about Amsterdam’s history, show you its canal houses, and take you to lesser-known areas of the city. Just make sure to bring sunscreen to avoid getting sunburnt! 

The tour departs from Stadhouderskade 501 by the Hard Rock Cafe. The tour is suitable for kids but sadly this boat isn’t wheelchair accessible and those with limited mobility might find it hard to get on/off the boat.

  • 75-minute open-top canal cruise
  • Cost: From 26 euros(About $28 USD) 
  • Suitable for kids
  • Departs from Stadhouderskade 501 by the Hard Rock Cafe

Check availability here.

Friendship Amsterdam Canal Boat Tours

Friendship Amsterdam boat cruising along, view from  Munt Plein Amstel in Amsterdam.

Friendship Amsterdam offers a range of luxury canal boat tours, with open boats so you can get some of the best views of Amsterdam. Here’s a list of tours they offer:

Luxury Canal Cruise by Friendship Amsterdam

Cruising under a bridge in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cruising under a bridge in Amsterdam, Netherlands

This luxury canal cruise will take you on a 1-hour trip around the Amsterdam waterways. During the cruise, your skipper will tell you about the city, sharing fun facts and the history of the canals and many of the sights you’ll pass by such as the Amstel River, Skinny Bridge, Dancing Houses, and the Red Light District.

Friendship Amsterdam uses open boats, so you’ll be able to enjoy 360 views of the canal as you cruise along. Their boats are a great option for those who want to take photographs without windows obstructing them. You’ll also have the option to buy drinks from the bar on board.

The luxury canal cruise costs 20 euros for adults, and 9.50 euros for children. If you’re on a budget and would like to save some money, you could opt to book their off-peak option, which brings the price down to 16 euros for adults. The off-peak option includes an open bar and sails most days, with a few daytime options and a few evening/nighttime cruise options to pick from. 

  • 1-hour Canal Cruise in an open-sided boat
  • Runs daily from 11 am to 10 pm
  • Costs 20 euros (about $22 USD) for adults. The offpeak option is available for 16 euros (about $17.50 USD) for adults.
  • Drinks available to purchase on board
  • Departs from Oudezijds Voorburgwal 230  by the Bom Sigarenmagazijn cigar shop

Check availability here

Unlimited Drinks Cruise by Friendship Amsterdam

Alternatively, you could upgrade your cruise to one that includes unlimited drinks from an open bar! This includes unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks. So why not hop on board, grab yourself a beer, sit back, and relax as you cruise along Amsterdam’s waterways? You’ll pass by many of its famous sights such as the Skinny Bridge, Hermitage Museum, and the Amstel River. 

These tours take place on open boats, so you can also get some great photos as you explore the waterways of Amsterdam. 

The unlimited drinks option is 32.50 euros (about $35 USD), but if you’re on a budget you could save money by booking the off-peak option here. The off-peak option is only 27.50 euros (about $29.87). 

Check availability here. 

Beer, Wine or Cocktail Cruise

You could also consider a 1-hour luxury canal cruise that include’s a beer, wine or cocktail. Where you’ll sip on drinks, as you cruise along the Amsterdam canals. During this cruise, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited gin and tonics, wine, beer, soft drinks, and water. The cruise takes place on a luxury open or closed boat. 

During this cruise, you’ll get to see the NEMO Science Museum, The Royal Theatre Carré, and the 7 Bridges of Reguliersgracht.  

  • 1-hour cruise
  • Includes unlimited drinks – wine, beer, soft drinks, and water
  • Takes place on an open or closed boat
  • Book through GetYourGuide to get free cancelation up until 24 hours before your scheduled departure time.

Check availability here. 

Amsterdam Circle Line Cruise

Amsterdam canal in autumn, taken during sunset with the trees and canal houses in reflecting in the water.

The Amsterdam Circle Line is a 75-minute cruise that takes you on a circular route around the city, showcasing its highlights and covering areas that are off the beaten track. Plus The Amsterdam Circle Line Cruise is included with the iAmsterdam City Card at no extra. To get your tickets for this canal trip, just head to Lunchcafé Dialoog where they’ll scan your City Card, and give you a ticket. Just remember to make sure your card will be valid for the trip or you’ll need to pay.

This Amsterdam Canal Cruise departs from the Prinsengracht (261), which is right in front of the Anne Frank House. So you could consider first heading to the Anne Frank House (tickets must be booked in advance), and then spending the afternoon cruising along the canals of Amsterdam. Learn how and where to buy tickets for the Anne Frank House.

  • 75-minute canal cruise
  • Cost: 18.50 euros (about $20.50 USD)
  • Departs near the Anne Frank House Museum
  • Free on the iAmsterdam City Card
  • Free WiFi on board
  • Restrooms on board

Check availability here.

Those Dam Boat Guys

Those Dam Boat Guys offer a unique and fun canal cruise experience on a small, open boat. The tours are led by friendly and knowledgeable guides who will provide you with interesting information about the city’s history and culture. They don’t follow a script, so each cruise is unique. The boats only hold up to 8 passengers, so this is a great option if you want a smaller less crowded cruise. whilst you cruise around and enjoy taking in the sights in Amsterdam. 

The boats are equipped with blankets and rain ponchos, making it possible to enjoy the tour in any weather.

If you’re traveling in a large group or want something more luxurious then you could consider going on a private tour. For private tours, they’ll take up to 10 people, and you can customize your tour according to your interests and preferences. 

Check availability here.

I hope you found this guide to the best cruise tours in Amsterdam helpful.

More Travel Tips For The Netherlands

Booking Tours – When I am booking tours, I use GetYourGuide or Viator. Both have great selections of guided tours, skip-the-line tickets and the Amsterdam city pass. For tours run by locals, AirBnB Experiences has some great selections as well.

Booking budget-friendly accommodation – I book hotels and hostels through Booking.com, as they allow me to filter for properties based on my needs. They also have a great free cancelation policy. For holiday rentals, I use VRBO.

Travel Sim cards – Stay connected whilst in The Netherlands by picking up a prepaid sim card. This Orange travel sim card will have you covered for Europe and this Global Sim Card works in over 200 countries. Make sure to check out my guide to buying a sim card in Amsterdam for information on buying a dutch prepaid sim card.

Travel eSims – If your phone supports an eSim, I recommend using Airalo. They sell eSims based on country, region, and even global ones! There’s one for almost every country and they can work out cheaper than sim cards.

Booking Flights – I always find my cheapest flights using Kiwi or Skyscanner. Both search for the cheapest flights, and let you filter by stops, times, etc so you can find the cheapest options. You can also sign up for Jack’s Flight Club to be alerted to cheap deals if you’re happy to travel anywhere.

Alternatives to flying – Hate flying? If you’re traveling from the UK, check out my guide on getting to Amsterdam without flying.

Hiring a car I recommend booking your car hire through Discover Cars. They offer 24/7 support, and free cancellation. They help by finding the cheapest car hire available, by searching hundreds so companies so you don’t have to.

Get Travel Insurance – Don’t leave home without travel insurance. Travel insurance can cover you in case you have an accident, get sick, lose your passport or other belongings, miss your flight, andis canceled/delayed. If you’re in the UK, I recommend using Allclear, for the USA you should consider AXA and for the USA, UK & Rest of the World check out SafetyWing.

VPN – Whilst traveling you’ll normally end up using WiFi in public places or at your accommodation, which may not be fully secure. I recommend using Proton VPN, as they don’t track your browsing history and are reasonably priced.

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Travel resources to help you save money, stay safe and plan your travels.

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